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How To Quilt Leather


Quilt leather is suitable for so many projects like bags, purses, skirts, pants, jackets, home décor items and many more. Working with quilt leather is not that hard even if you are a beginner.

It will be much easier if you have a coverstitch machine to secure everything properly. We can help you with knowing coverstitch machine reviews as well as we can also help you in learning leather quilting.


Clips or Tapes:

Pins always leave holes in the leather and one thing that you can’t repair is the hole in the leather. You can just use pins in the seam allowance as you have to roll that thing in.

Sew faux leather on a sewing machine


I prefer to use paper clips, binders, or invisible tape at the time of leather quilting to join two fabric pieces together. You can see in stores that there are a variety of clips available made for leather quilting.


One Layer Cutting Only:

While working on leather, one thing that should be in your mind is never cut multiple layers at one time especially when you are quilting.

Use rotary cutter for most of the cutting and measure each piece so all the quilting pieces must be equal in size. Once you have all the equal pieces, you can trace the pattern at the back of the leather easily.


No Necessary Finishing:

Leather is thick in nature and that’s why you don’t have to go through the problem of fraying. If you are feeling that there is a need to finish edges then use a basic sewing machine for that but with options that can deal with leather. To get that kind of machine you can read basic sewing machine reviews to get the one that can fulfill your needs. If you will leave raw edges then the look will be organic and that’s good.


No Adhesive:

While you are working on the leather quilting project, never use adhesive spray. As leather is easy to get flat on the table and you don’t have to use several things to tame it but still for some reason if you are thinking to use adhesive spray then don’t.

You can sew leather on a strong basic sewing machine


These adhesive sprays are not really great for leather and you will end up sticking everything to the project from supplies to the needle.


Cut Strings:

One thing that can actually put you in a problem is a string. While you are preparing quilting lines, make sure that at the end of each line, you are cutting them. If you will not cut them then these strings will be tangled with another sewing line and this is going to be a big mess. Later if you will rip the stitches then there will be a permanent hole because leather is not so forgiving when it comes to the stitches.



If you are sewing a simple leather project then you can also use the best sewing machine for beginners making clothes, just select the right stitches and adopt the right techniques. Practice makes you perfect so you are going to nail this project.

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